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Tanning Beds

Tanning Beds


Base beds are low pressure beds that use between 28-32 standard 100-watt bulbs. This is the most economical bed to tan in and perfect for first time tanners. The maximum time you can tan in a base bed is 20 minutes.


Super beds can also be defined as medium-pressure beds. They feature a total of 32 - 120 Watt bulbs with 3 added facial Bulbs. Super beds are similar to the base bed but offer have slightly more powerful bulbs and the addition of facial bulbs. The maximum time you can tan in a Super bed is 20 minutes.


Extreme beds can also be defined as medium-pressure beds. They feature the more powerful 120-160 watt bulbs & also 3 facial bulbs. The maximum time you can tan in a Extreme bed is 12-15 minutes depending on location.


Ultimate beds emit less UV rays compared to any lower level bed. They contain 60 stronger 160 watt lamps and feature 6 - lower-watt facial bulbs specifically to prevent burning. With ultimate beds you are less likely to burn and more likely to have a longer-lasting tan. The maximum time you can tan in a Ultimate bed is 10 minutes.


This High Pressure bed is the quickest way to get deep, golden color - fast. This bed uses 650 & 1000 watt high pressure quartz lamps to insure you receive 99% UVA tanning rays! One 12 minute session is the equivalent to 5-6 treatments in a conventional low pressure bed!

Stand-up Tanning

Features 48 of the same 160 watt lamps as the Ultimate. These lamps use a different kind of reflector to help prevent those pesky tan lines and spread the UV rays around the body. The maximum time you can tan in the Stand-Up is 10 minutes

Versa Spa

This is no ordinary sunless booth. Versa Spa combines innovation after innovation to transform your skin in just minutes. Bronze, Hydrate and Smooth fine lines in one session. Customize your tanning application by selecting one, or combining all three full-body treatments – a pre-sunless pH balancing treatment, one of two sunless bronzing treatments, and a post-sunless super hydrating treatment. Enjoy the process as much as the results and relax, with a wide-open interior design, EZ-2Breathe purification system and Comfort-dry technology.


Fortify your skin and enhance its color with a proprietary blend of green tea extracts, amino acids, and other professional-grade ingredients. VersaSpa’s pH balancing treatment instantly balances your skins pH levels, increases absorption by dispersing its natural oils, and maximizes hydration before each session.


Through a proprietary blend of DHA, amino acids, and other professional-grade ingredients, VerspaSpa bronzing treatments works to condition and moisturize your skin, while dramatically increasing its color depth. Now you can enjoy a quick-drying, streak-free, deep penetrating application for a vibrant, sexy glow. Choose between Bronzer and Clear Bronzer (no cosmetic tint).


VersaSpa’s super hydrating treatment, a proprietary blend of skin soothing botanicals, soy proteins, green tea extracts, and other professional-grade ingredients, helps to replenish your skin’s vital nutrients, diminish fine lines, and deepens its golden color after a session. It’s the secret to a longer-lasting, natural looking sunless tan.

Spray Tanning

California Tan Custom Airbrushing

Our custom airbrush spray tans offer you something no automatic booth can and comes in your choice of 2 different natural color shades! Spray tans guarantee an all over, streak free application. One of our trained technicians, will apply a spray tan that ensures even coverage from head to toe. The entire process is very comfortable and clean and typically will take 10-15 minutes.

Spray Tanning is by appointment only.
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Packages and Prices Whether you wish to sign up for a month, a year, or just want to visit us for a single session, we have a tanning package to fit your exact needs.

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